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OK, so I am in DIRE need!

If I do not raise $600 very soon, I will loose my membership in a charity costuming organization.

Any help you can offer, please use the PayPal donate button to help.

Thank you so much, this means the world to me.


I’m starting out right!


First thing in the morning, I head to Charlotte to review and meet Amy Lee of Evanescence, then Lzzy Hale. The next morning u will drive up to Durham to meet up with Laura Wilde.
Love this journalism thing.

Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale at Carnival of Madness

I will be covering the  Carnival of Madness.  tour with…


Amy Lee

Amy Lee of Evanescence



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Chevelle will also be there as well as Cavo and New Medicine.


OK, here is my wish list. Taking bets, will I get anything? 


I DON’T have a wishlist, why?

Twitter / theonetruebix: FWIW, I have a digital com.

You know one thing that bugs the hell out of me? People with connections and or money having “Wish-lists“.

I see it everywhere from so-called webcelebs to porn stars and even rich twits like Kim-Jon Kardashian. This phenomenon occurs mainly with beautiful women and is very prevalent with porn stars. They have a huge list of things they want from many web stores and expect strangers to buy these items for them.

This pisses me off. I have one wish list on Amazon that I havent updated or added to in so long, I had forgotten I had it. To my knowledge I have never published a link to this list, but after today, I just think I might.

What do you think the outcome will be? I am betting I receive nothing. I bet the pampered celebrities, porn stars, beautiful women and webcelebs will prevail over an unemployed, disabled vet with hardly no web presence at all.

I will be back in a few minutes and go update my wish list at Amazon and then come back here and post the link. In the immortal words of the ex-Governator, I’ll be back.

Laura Wilde next month!


So I get the word last night, I am getting to go see Laura Wilde, and Ted McNuget will be there too as headliner. Not so much into Ted, his old stuff was great, good guitar player and had a few hits way back when.

Now Laura Wilde is killing it! First impression of her when you look? Beauty. Then you find out that under all that beauty, there is a tremendous talent there. She plays guitar, bass, drums, sings and God knows how many instruments she really plays. She is Rock and Roll to the core and a hell of a nice woman. She found out about my disability through twitter chats, yes folks she talks to her fans, and last night I get a message from her.

“It’s at Durham PAC. The address is 123 Vivian St, Durham, NC 27701. It’s on Thursday Aug 9 at 07:30 PM. You + 1 on the door. See you there!”

So you know where I will be on the 9th. I hope to have a sit down and do my first interview with her.

More info soon.

I don’t fucking know.

So I am supposed to go see @LauaWilde on the 8th in Durahm NC. She has told me not to worry about it ticket wise, but I haven’t heard from her in over a week. If I go, it ISP gonna cost me gas money, hotel money, food money… In other words, a bunch of shit I can’t afford.

I really want to go see her, she is opening for Ted Nundget and it’s a big deal for her and she has been super nice to me online. I ordered a bandanna and when I got it, it ripped as soon as I put it on. SHE went out of her went out of her way to sent 2 replacements but 8×10 signed pictures, stickers and a bunch of swag.

I asked when she was going to be in my area, she told me about the Durahm show. She also said the “ticket Fairy” was taking care of me…..


She answered me! Yes! Now I just need to pry some info out of her and get a contact number. Hey if Mötley Crüe can trust me, I think she can too.

All smiles

Stupid things on the Internet

Man plagued by PORN induced Headaches.

OK WTF? This is just crazy, and the person who wrote it had a dirty mind as well. Here are some quotes…

“he experiences “severe, exploding” headaches that develop gradually and peak about 10 minutes into a sex scene.”

“The intensity was so severe that he had to abort watching,”

ABORT, ABORT! 10 Minute countdown must be aborted NOW! LMAO

The guy REALLY likes his porn, or maybe it is the drugs they are giving him now. From the article…

“To avoid forgoing porn altogether, the man was advised by neurologists to take the equivalent of about 30 painkillers a half hour before turning on a video, the study says.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/man-plagued-porn-induced-headaches-article-1.1105495#ixzz1zObP8CKl